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    • Triple beams solar powered wireless 100m active infrared beams perimeter protection detector
  • Date Posted: July 25, 2014
    Region: China»Fujian
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    • Contact: Sarah Huang
Installation Mode: Wall Mounted Anti-Pet: Supported
Anti-White Light: Supported Tamper-Resistant: Supported
Alarm Delay: Supported Alarm Output: Normally Open/Closed Optional
Detector Parameters
Sensor Type: Infrared Sensor Installation Mode: Wall mounted
Installation Height: 1m Detection Range and Angle: 110
Nti-pet Level: 25kg Anti-white Light Class: 1
  Product Description  

Solar Powered Triple Beams Wireless 100m Active Infrared Wall Light Perimeter fence.


Infrared Distance: 100m

Wireless Transmitting Distance: 100m

Wireless Transmitting Frequency: FM: 433MHz

Maximum alarm times in 24 hours: Not more than 50times.

Battery Capacity: 500mAh (Transmitting terminal), 1000mAh (Receiving Terminal)

Working environment temperature range: -30C~70C

Number of infrared beams: 3 beams

Operating Voltage: 3.3V

Static Operating Current: Transmitting terminal<=0.5mA, Receiving terminal<=0.5mA

Infrared light frequency: Secondary moudulation & encoding based on 38KHz

Infrared Light wavelength: 940nm /-20nm

Solar electric panel output current: >=2mA at light intensity of 1800LX (note: the outdoor light intensity in cloudy or rainly days is about 2000LX)

Dimension of product: 340mm*50mm*84mm of Receiving terminal, 340mm*50mm*45mm of transmitting terminal


1.Never install the infrared beams at an inclined angle.

2. Make sure that there is no obstacle between the transmitting terminal and the receiving terminal.

3. Use multiple infrared beams for long distance to avoid mutual interference among beams.

4. Keep the in-frared light hole-posed to direct sunlight.

5. The high-voltage tower and the signal tower may influence wireless transmission distance.

6. Never install this infrared beams near door access systems, passages, areas prone to trigger an alarm or areas which could trigger an alarm more than 50 times per 24 hours.

7. This product is a solar powered wireless product, so it shall not be installed, tested or operated indoors or in any dark place with a sunlight intensity of less than 2200 lux.

8. This product can trigger an alarm less than 50 times when it is tested under normal sunlight conditions. Never try to test maximum alarm times indoors.

9. Never put the multi-beams light wall in any dark place or cover the solar panel with any material at power-on, otherwise, the product may not be normally powered on.

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