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    • Solar Infrared Wall
  • Date Posted: May 6, 2013
    Region: China»
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    • Contact: Jerry Lau
Alarm Delay: Supported Alarm Output: Normally Closed
Tamper-Resistant: Supported Anti-White Light: Supported
Anti-Pet: Supported    
Common Norm
Operating Voltage: DC/3.3V Operating Current: Caster>=7mA,Receiver>=2mA
Working Temperature: -25C~ 55C    
  Product Description  

Product Detail:

The original design, solar power supply, single/two-way digital frequency conversion, lighting, infrared alarm, wireless frequency launch as a whole, and completely without wiring, convenient installation, save material save time and effort, hidden more security guard;

Four frequency inverter, a variety of power adjustment, to install more not interfere with each other, keep out any two adjacent beam alarm, effectively prevent misstatement, omission phenomenon, higher stability;

Digital FM, completely banned synchronous line, with signal voltage function test, debug calibration more accurate;

Low power consumption: unique circuit design, the digital frequency conversion technology and DSP processing technology, overcome traditional power characteristic;

Solar back-up battery capacity, small volume, in rainy weather condition sustainable work 20 days;

ะค 140 mm diameter PC outside tube, the metal support structure, durable;

All the waterproof structure, can be installed in low-lying humid regions;

Has the demolition, the cut and the fault self-check function design, effectively prevent man-made destruction, more reliable safety;

Special optical structure with automatic gain circuits, adapt to all kinds of bad weather;

Suitable for installation villa, factory, prisons and other large need to guard





Total Length


Working Voltage


Working Current


Response Time


-25C~ 55C

Outdoor Alert Distance


Solar Battery



Action Alarm Time


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