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    • HD iDVR
  • Date Posted: April 17, 2013
    Region: China»Guangdong
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    • Contact: carrie
Video Input: VGA Audio Frequency: Supportive
Resolution: 1920×1080    
  Product Description  

ntelligent analyze function including the core function of perimeter detection (picket line & security area), objects care (lost or left over), video diagnosis and etc, but also support alarm linkage to make monitor more and more ease.

Ø HD iDVR combines the functions of DVR/HVR/NVR together, multi-mode input,support analog input of 4ch D1/960H, 8ch HD1/D1, 2ch D1 14ch CIF for encode and 4ch D1/960H , 8ch HD1/1ch D1, 2ch D1 6ch CIF for decode, support hybrid input of analog network HD video, support all digital input of network HD video.

Ø Can penetrate through all kinds of network via XM cloud service, one step to do remote control easily & conveniently without any complicated setting.

Ø Compression algorithm upgraded to H.264 Main Profilethe advanced space-time filter technique makes the code stream lowered at least 30%.

Ø Support main stream and extra steam encode synchronously. Main stream is for local storage to maintain the image quality, extra stream is for network real-time transmission, to easily solve the bottleneck problem of bandwidth.

Ø Support all kinds of mobile monitoriPhone, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Symbian, Android),support 3G & WIFI extension

Ø Support multi-browserIEChromeFirefoxSafari

Ø Support 2 USB2.0 ports for operation of mouse control, back up, imprint and upgrade

Ø Similar Vista interfacesimilar WINDOWS operating stylepowerful right button menu function of mouse, make it easy for using.

Ø Support TVVGA & HDMI output synchronously, VGA & HDMI HD 1080P display output , which make the traditional monitor display effect upside down

Ø Powerful net servicesupport DHCPPPPOEFTPDNSDDNSNTPUPNPEMAILIP authorityIP searchalarm center, etc),complete enclosureWEBCMSSDK),to easily achieve interconnection.

Ø Self enclosed with DNS function (ARSP)one-key to enable remote control, and support DNS of 3322dyndnsoraymyq-see, etc

Ø Completed protective circuit, unique treble watchdog function, make device never crashed

Ø Twenty kinds of languageEnglishFinnishFrenchGermanGreekItalianJapanesePolishPortugueseRussianSpanishThaiSimplified ChineseChinese-TraditionalTurkish, etc

Ø Flexible display function support freely change boot interface

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  • Heanworld Intelligent equipment technology Co., LTD
  • Contact:  carrie
  • Location:  Zhang keng first area,LongHua Town, BaoAn district, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China
  • Guangdong, China   
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  • Website:  www.heanworld.com

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