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    • GPRS Communication Module (DA-2300IP)
  • Date Posted: November 2, 2012
    Region: China»Fujian
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    • Contact: Jet Xu
  Product Description  

GPRS Communication Module (DA-2300IP)

1. Real-time communication with ADEMCO 4110 and Honeywell 2300 series and Dong Ang. Alarm unit through keyboard interface, can obtain alarm information(all alarm information and partial system information) and transmit through GPRS(UDP/IP communication protocol), and achieve all operations to alarm control panel.
2. Single Chip Micyoco hardware design, with powerful anti-virous ability. Fixed IP for CMS and flexible or fixed optional IP for user end.
3. Easy and flexible programming, USB connection, parameters programmed by PC software or through network remote operation.
4. Working voltage 12VDC, real time online, fast response and low flow consumption.
5. Remote operate the alarm panel, can inquiry 90 items of alarm record.
6. PSTN failure report to CMS, and active the relay at the same time.

GSM band: 900MHz/1800MHz or 850MHz/1900MHz/900MHz/1800MHz
Weight: 0.2KGS
Size: 12.5cm* 6cm

Supplier Details
  • Fujian Quanzhou Dong Ang Electronics Co., Ltd
  • Contact:  Jet Xu
  • Location:  5th floor of Hengtaixing mansion, Yingbin Road, economic & technology development zone
  • Fujian, China   
  • Phone:  (86)595-28055551
  • Fax:  (86)595-28055553
  • Website:  www.qzda.net

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