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Brand: Ancend    
  Product Description  

Input voltage: 24VAC 10%;
Output power:10-15W;
The voltage for Pan/Tilt:24VAC;
The voltage for camera;12VDC/1000mA;
Communication:RS-485 ;
Preset positions: 128 ;
Auto tour: 1;
Position precision: < 1 degree;
Accumulated error: < 2 degrees in 24hours;
Temperature: 0-60C;
Humidity: 90%RH;
Do not connect the ‘auto’ line of the Pan/Tilt;
When Pan/Tilt can not be connected rightly it can not respond UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT commands;
Input voltage is 24V AC;
Please set right baud rate and address;
For good communication please make sure RS485 connection is good including RS485 ‘S’ point is connected to the ground and RS485 lines is far from high voltage or current signaling, and if more than 10 exist in your system it is suggested to use a RS-485 divider;

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  • Shenzhen Ancend Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd
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  • Location:  Floor3,NO.26 Zhonghua Road,Zhonghua Industrial Area,Longhua Towm,Bao an District,Shenzhen City,China
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  • Phone:  (86)755-28195229
  • Fax:  (86)755-83729961
  • Website:  www.ancend.com/

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