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    • Wireless Automatic Curtain
  • Date Posted: March 15, 2012
    Region: China»Jiangsu
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    • Contact: Kris Wang
Brand: IOT    
  Product Description  

Support Zigbee HA protocol

Zigbee device type: Repeater

Intelligent ultra quiet design and high precision AC motor, super lubricated and mute slide way

Used for straight rail or arc-shaped curtains, slide way is18mat maximum, motor safety load is60kgand rated power is 60W.

Motor positioning system for automatically memorizing the route. It can automatically stop( rather than stop by colliding) in place. No wearing operation and has super long lifetime.

Slide way uses ultra quite and super lubricated design, built-in steel wire rope and synchronous belt drive, large bearing capacity and mute operation

Launched by hands pulling function, slow launching and slow ceasing function, operation will be more smooth.

Slide way interfix function, two common cease sites of the curtain can be set, standardized lighting regulation.

Supplier Details
  • Nanjing IOT Sensor Technology Co., Ltd
  • Contact:  Kris Wang
  • Location:  4/F NO.420,Zhonghua Road,Nanjing,210006,PRC
  • Jiangsu, China   
  • Phone:  (86)025-52308550
  • Fax:  (000)00-
  • Website:  www.wulian.cc/english/

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