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    • VS-EP220 Embedded Surveillance Platform
  • Date Posted: March 13, 2012
    Region: China»
    Industry: Video Surveillance System»

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    • Contact: Ms.Crystal Poon
Brand: Topvs    
  Product Description  

● Integrated with embedded server, central platform software (CMU,MDU,MSU) and large capacity disk array together;

● Using Xeon multi-core processors advanced technology, with high & stable performance;

● With various advantages of cheap,open,large capacity,rapid transmission,compatible, safe and so on.

● With high and reliable performance fully buffered memory, support advanced memory fault tolerance of memory mirror and memory hot spare;

● The running of whole system is separate from the personal PC, so it can reduce the impact to the system of PC that caused by human factors.

● Keep safety of the data, it support various Raid methods of disk, support disk hot spare to keep the safety of the record data;

● Max.support 20 pcs of harddisk, max capacity support 20 *2 =40TB

● Inter multi core processor, with flexible cache configuration and scalability;

● Each embedded integrated platform server can be combined together for unlimited extension;

● Simple installation and maintance and easy operation, it can use directly and no need to install additional operation system and platform software.

● Based on the operating system LINUX, VS-EP220 is stable, safe and economic.

Supplier Details
  • Shenzhen Topvs Technology Co., Ltd
  • Contact:  Ms.Crystal Poon
  • Location:  8/F XinHe Bldg.,8 XinHe St.Hetangguang,Maantang Community,Bantian St., Longgang Dist.,Shenzhen,China.
  • China   
  • Phone:  (86)755-85225962
  • Fax:  (000)00-
  • Website:  www.sztopvs.com/en

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