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    • RFID and Touchleypad GSM Alarm with FCC Identifier
  • Date Posted: July 21, 2015
    Region: China»Guangdong
    Industry: »

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    • Contact: Tyson Luo
  Product Description  

Product Abstract:

RFID and Touchleypad GSM Alarm with FCC Identifier

Product Description

Product Description

[Function Instruction]
² Multi-languages voice (default: English and Chinese); System volume is adjustable (low, medium and high);
² 99 RFID cards to arm, disarm, and control the relay;
² SMS notification for disarm by RFID card; SMS content (of the first 10 cards) is editable;
² 12-second voice message: By control panel or remotely;
² Broadcast system time and play voice message;
² Use panel as a telephone to make calls;
² Set the system by control panel, SMS or remote calls;
² 10 remote controls, 99 wireless and 2 wired defense zones;
² Sensor low power alert and tamper alert;
² Some of SMS alarm contents are editable;
² SMS alert for control panel tamper, low power, power failure/ recovery;
² Remote control the relay.

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