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  • 220v 12v toroidal power transformer[has expired]
  • Date Posted: 2016-08-26
    Effective Date : 2016-09-25
    Region: China»Guangdong
    Industry: »

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    • Contact: Rita Liu
  Quantity: 10000000
  Packaging: Carton
  Price Description:
  Place: China

Single-phase toroidal transformers, power range
from 20VA to 5000VA. Designed and tested
according to EN61558. Suitable for installation
in electronically equipment.
Designed as a safety isolating transformer with
separate insulated windings and prepared for
class II equipment.
Short circuit and overload protected with
thermal fuse on primary side. Up to 50% less
weight than a similar conventional transformer.
Low magnetisation currents and no-load losses.
Suitable as safety isolating transformer in
constructions where low weight, flexible
dimensions and optimum conditions between
dimensions are preferable.

Technical specifications
Input voltage: Customized
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Output voltage: Customized
According to: EN61558
Test/insulating voltage: 4kV AC RMS
Construction class: II
Insulation class: B (130°C)
Ambient temp. (ta): 25°C
Mounting (2 kinds)
1.Parts for mounting supplied(rubber mats, screws and nuts)
2.Central proxy resin encapsulation and drilling

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Buyer Details
  • Ecko Electrotech Co.,Ltd
  • Contact: Rita Liu
  • Location: NO.3 B3 Worldwide complex
  • Guangdong, China   
  • Phone:  (86)757-8378931
  • Fax:  (000)00-
  • Website:  www.ektran.com
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