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Date:  2018-11-16
  • Dahua Technology Establishes a Committee to Safeguard Consumer Rights

HANGZHOU, China /November 13, 2018 Dahua Technology, a leading solution provider in the global video surveillance industry, announces that a high-level taskforce has been established within the company to improve sales order of its products in the international security market, better safeguarding consumer rights.

As a publicly listed company committed to its social responsibility, Dahua Technology understands that consumer rights must be respected and protected, especially their privacy. Thus, the original software of Dahua Technology’s official products comes with information protection functionalities, and is supported with subsequent patch fixes to ensure continuous and reliable information security. What’s more, before leaving Dahua Technology's production facilities, every product passes probably the most stringent quality checks before entering the market through officially authorized channels. (Check this article: Dahua Cameras: Tough Test Standards for Ultimate Reliability.) All those channels are set up to provide standard technical support and after sales services.

However, in recent years, Dahua Technology has received complaints from consumers about alleged Dahua distributors promoting so called “Dahua products” and enticing consumers to purchase, without any technical support or after-sale service guarantees. Such cases have misled some consumers into believing that Dahua Technology runs businesses disregarding social commitment. This has to some extent caused severe company image damage to Dahua Technology.

To guarantee consumers to enjoy the genuine products and services promised by Dahua Technology, it has set up a corporate level committee in 2018. Furthermore, Dahua Technology promises to keep investing resources to further improve sales order and constantly upgrade anti-tamper technologies, better protecting consumer rights.

With a mission of “Enabling a Safer Society and Smarter Living”, Dahua will continue to focus on “Innovation, Quality, and Service”, to serve partners and customers around the world.

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