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Date:  2017-03-27
  • Hikvision launch Blazer Pro ‘all-in-one’ high-end server solution

March 21, 2017Hikvision, the world’s leading supplier in innovative video surveillance products and solutions, has launched Blazer Pro, an ‘all-in-one’ high-end server solution designed specifically to meet the needs of medium to large camera count, mission critical surveillance network projects.

Combining Hikvision’s powerful Video Management System software and data storage into one physical server solution, Blazer Pro is capable of handling up to 128 or 256-channels. Catering for any large to mid-size surveillanceapplication, the all-in-on server not only performs basic functions like recording, live view, playback, and alarm management, but also optional advanced functionality such as ANPR, business intelligence, and people counting.

Blazer Pro product picture.jpg

Reliability you can count on

Suitable for large-scaleand critical surveillance projects such as shopping centres, transportation hubs, casinos, town centres, utility sites and financial applications, Blazer Pro meets the highest demands for features and reliability. Utilising an industry-leading dual boards design, the all-in-one solution ensures a fail proof backup system with the server board and storageboard working independently so that in the advent of VMS server failure, normal recording, preview and playback functionality remain unaffected.The storage board adopts the stable Linux architecture, providing more dependable operation.

In a project with several local NVRs performing local recording and utilisingBlazer Pro as the central platform managing those NVRs, if a local problem occurs with an NVRor it is removed (stolen), all is not lost, as the Blazer Pro unit will retain the key IP channels data from that local site. This fail-safe solution is facilitated bykey IP channel streams being simultaneously transmitted in real-time for recording, from the local NVR, to the central Blazer Pro server. With this Hikvision solution, Blazer Pro ensures the safety of key local IP channels data.

Flexible operation

Hikvision’s Blazer Pro boasts many advanced video footage and system safety technologies, including Flexible User Management, which allows users to prioritise access for management and personnel – to ensure that staff members can be allocated an appropriate system access authority. Blazer Pro connects previously separated NVR/DVR sites together with centralized management.

Providingeffective system awareness and identification, Blazer Pro’s alarm management interface is a simple and friendly interface that displays real-time performance and alarm notification, making it easier to identify an alarm, locate relevant video and associated information in a single window.

“Hikvision continues to innovate in security technologies that provide users with peace of mind and ease of use during operation. The new Hikvision Blazer ProVMS server solution ensures any investment in a large camera network will be supported withreliable, simple and effective control functionality,” said Keen Yao, VP of International Business Center at Hikvision

For further information about Hikvision’s Blazer Pro all-in-one server solution,customers can visithttp://www.hikvision.com/en/VMSNProductsdet_711.html.

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