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Date:  2017-03-15
  • Dahua Mobile Solution

In recent years, solid growth of urban population leads to surge of life services demand, creating huge pressure especially on public services, such as bus and taxi. Public transportation services are closely related to everyday life of urban citizens. During the time of economic downturn, the pressure of survival is soaring. Phenomena like mid-night robbery, rude driver/customer, unfair taxi fare and late arrival are more common than ever. According to multiple social surveys, commuting now has become a major headache for most urban citizens. Therefore, finding an efficient and reliable solution to control and manage this situation is critical.

Dahua Mobile Solution

Dahua has created an advanced mobile solution to enable drivers, customers, and taxi & bus companies to deal with safety threats and bad user experience. The solution will save time and energy, but deliver more effective and efficient service. The end-to-end solution uses reliable video recorder, integrated platform and intelligent technologies to ensure buses and taxis are well guarded and efficiently run.

Dahua Mobile Solution consists of front-end camera, recorder, server in control center and some other parts. We launched 3 series to meet different needs -- IP, HDCVI and Analog. The recorders have different appearances like Wedge dome, mini eyeball and mini dome and so on. The recorder, with maximum resolution of 5MP, supports IR and IP67. Aside from recording and local storage, the recorder is capable of exchanging data with the platform through 3G/4G/WIFI, including real-time sending video, GPS, alert and so on.

We offer various accessories to support different applications. There are hand microphone to support two-way communication, panic button to deal with emergencies, fuel level sensor to collect fuel consumption and swipe card reader for drivers to check on work attendance. We also provide 7-inch screen, audio pick up, protection box and so on. DSS server is the brain to Dahua Mobile Solution. Supporting maximum 2000 channels connection, DSS server is mainly utilized to control and manage the mobile recorder. There are two versions of the server – pure software as well as software and hardware integration to meet different needs of different customers.

In order to better fulfill the actual demand of different applications, the mobile solution is subdivided into Bus Mobile Solution, Logistics Mobile Solution, School Car Mobile Solution, Law Enforcement Vehicle Mobile Solution and so on, covering most mobile surveillance business.

Dahua mobile solution was designed with three essential aspects.

  • Automatic backup via WiFi

Wireless signal in a vehicle is automatically switched from 4G to Wifi when the vehicle is back to the station. Then video in the recorder will be automatically uploaded to customer center at a speed of 10MBps, which will be accelerated to 15MBps soon. Wifi-based automatic backup is characterized with high speed, low cost and labor free, which are well in line with the trend of backup methodology in customer centers.

  • People Counting through IPC

People counting function of IPC is used to count the number of people that have used a vehicle in one period of time. Then through wireless internet, the statistics is sent from the recorder to the platform, which generates reports to see the flow of people in different time period. Reports of this kind help operating companies to optimize driving route and therefore, generate more profit.

  • Driving Behavior Regulation via Geo Fence

Driving Behavior Regulation works along with the platform in customer center. Define an area on the digital map in the platform and make some restrictions in that area, such as driving speed, allowed or forbidden to drive in and so on, to realize the purpose of regulating the driving behavior. This is widely applied in cash carrier and oil tanker projects.

Using advanced technology (IPC, behavior detection, geo fence, cloud storage diagram, etc.), Dahua mobile total solution provides automatic video storage and smart detection under any circumstances, be it dark night, heavily raining or the time of typhoon. With field successes in many countries, such as Mexico, Turkey and Thailand, this solution has been proven efficient and effective in releasing pressure of urban public transportation and improving user experience. In 2013, City Bus Project in Russia used more than 8000 sets of Dahua Mobile DVR. Currently, northeast of Italy, a city bus project is quietly but smoothly going on.





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