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Date:  2014-09-19
  • Genetec to release Sipelia new security system

Genetec announced the upcoming release of Sipelia Communications Management, a new module of Security Center that enables unified SIP (Session Initiated Protocol)-based communications between operators and intercom devices deployed throughout an organization."Sipelia ushers in one of the industry's first security systems able to unify SIP-based communications with access control, video, and license plate recognition. From promoting collaboration and communications between security staff and other departments, to efficiently managing employee and visitor day-to-day or emergency call requests, Sipelia is designed to improve overall operations and increase security effectiveness," commented Jimmy Palatsoukas, Senior Manager of Product Marketing at Genetec.


Seamlessly integrated in Security Center (v. 5.2 SR7), intercom communications can now be intricately linked to security systems over any IP network. With access controlled doors, parking gates and cameras linked to an intercom system through Security Center Sipelia, audio and intercom communications will be able to become key components of any security strategy.

With the Sipelia Communications Management module, security personnel will be able to respond to calls, identify callers through live video and allow access through doors from within a single user application. Users can also initiate, forward or cancel incoming calls through an intuitive call dialog available inside the same security interface that they use for access control and video system activities. Thanks to call recording and logging abilities, security operators can also easily playback call sessions with associated video and access control activity for later analysis should an investigation be needed. This approach represents a clear step forward from the more traditional approach requiring operators to use different applications for intercom call management, access control, and video systems.

Sipelia will be powered by an embedded VOIP server that registers intercom devices and door stations, as well as intercom servers using the SIP standard. This will enable users to leverage the most popular SIP-enabled intercom equipment from industry leaders such as STENTOFON/Zenitel and Commend. Leveraging the SIP standard will guarantee that organizations can operate with a non-proprietary standard that will offer additional choices in the future while avoiding the costs associated with proprietary equipment and proprietary integrations.

In addition to supporting hardware from market-leading intercom manufacturers, Sipelia facilitates video calls between operators; during a coordinated response or any routine activity, operators can launch video calls with one another directly within the Security Center user interface using off-the-shelf USB headsets, microphones, and webcams. This represents a low cost, intuitive, and unified communications approach that greatly enhances collaboration within an organization while eliminating the need for external video communications tools.

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