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About us
Established in Shenzhen in 2011, biz4security is the first online security trading and social platform
focusing on greater China and a pioneer in the worldwide B2B e-market. As a branch of the CPS Media,
China's largest security industry media platform and the group behind the world's largest security
exhibition CPSE, biz4security is the portal to the worldwide security industry,
covering every aspect from news, events, and market data to facilitating B2B trades
between buyers and manufacturers, as well as networking and recruiting opportunities.
Biz4security provides a 24/7 online
security trade show. In addition to
facilitating trading between buyers and
sellers of security products we provide
CPS exclusive market reports, news
updates, event postings, and the
world's first and only security industry
site provides a highly effective market
ing resource for any company looking
to increase their brand exposure.
Our Mission is to satisfy the growing
business promotion requirements of
worldwide security enterprises. In an
increasingly globalized and fast-paced
world, tools need to be available to
quickly and effectively bridge the gap
and allow companies to sucessfully
reach their entire market base.
Biz4security is devoted to filling this
gap in the market to allow for targeted,
high speed, worldwide business oppor
tunities for everyone in the industry. To
create an unprecedented communica
tion, marketing, and trading tool to
allow those who make a business of
security to do just that - get down to
To offer different memberships that
allow for custom-tailored marketing
packages to best meet individual
company demands. Whether your
focus is on building a network of busi
ness partners, finding exclusive market
data, or promoting your latest product
to world buyers, biz4security has a
solution for you. We provide premium
services such as My Secretary that
allow for detailed back end manage
ment such as tracking product views,
the breakdown of your social network
by market segment and region, group
discussions, and much more...
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